Sunday, April 15, 2012

Need a Respect Video? Respect Videos for Workplace Training Using PowerPoint

Many human resource managers and employee assistance professionals inquiry about respect in the workplace training. Typically they are searching for a workplace respect video or videos on respect that will help elevate the workplace and address key issues. I want to explain how you can do this yourself on a limited budget. I think you will eat this up. First, do a quick survey of your workforce. What are the issues regarding respect that concern the work culture. Be aware that respect in the workplace can mean anything from restraining impulsive behavior to being mindful of other people's private space. I would suggest no more than 15 questions for a survey that targets one goal: What do people believe the "hot button" issues are. Once you know that, you are home free. Take your survey results and turn it over to a freelance writer who can compose a 1200-1400 word document that addresses "Respect in the Workplace". This will cost about $200. is a great website to find a writer. Next, go back to and find a PowerPoint person to put this content in a slide show with no more than 25-30 words per PowerPoint slide frame. Put one sentence in one text frame. No more than say, four sentences per slide. Next.........Have the Elance person obtain photos from or - they're free once you pay an annual $159 subscription. Add 2-3 images per frame. Get the PowerPoint pro to animate the text BUT FIRST, send the PowerPoint program to a Voice Professional and have that Voice professional make mp3's for the 25-30 words you've placed on each frame.  So, now you have a Respect in the Workplace PowerPoint that is intense with the information you want, and its professional voice in a respect video will make a solid impact on your work organization. It's now ready to show in "slide show view". You're done. Total cost is about $450 for this project. I did everything I just discussed. You can see the respect videos results here. This program can be turned into a DVD, a Flash Movie for a Web Site, with software that costs about $199 from Also, you can create a self-playing, autorun CD that portable, even a Web Course with a software program called Articulate! Go for it!