Monday, November 2, 2015

View a Sample of a Web Course with Explanation of Benefits and Features

Imagine giving us any PowerPoint presentation or any sort of presentation, and letting us turn it into an Online Training Program-- a Web course.  How much leverage would this give your program. What advantages. What monetary payoff? See an example of such a program below.

Online training can leverage almost every skill and ability you possess and it can lead to increased utilization, better outreach, reduced risk, better competition, more opportunity, and endless ideas for improving the value proposition of your services.

Click the Web Course Image below IF:

  • You need enhanced program/services or EAP utilization
  • You need to add value to your EAP or workplace consulting practice
  • You need to reduce costs associated with third party subscription content
  • You want the prestige of "your own stuff" on your Web site.
  • You need to improve your image with your logo on the content, not a 3rd party provider.
  • You need to reach more family members to educate them and improve access to your services
  • You need to stop the subscription fees, per user fees, licensing fees, restrictions, and rules on rented third-party content for your Web site
  • You need to stop worrying about what else you can do to add value to your services
  • You need to compete more successfully with other providers/vendors
  • You need to make more money from your program’s services, find new revenue channels, or be able to charge for more features added to your core services
  • You keep asking staff for new ideas about program improvements, but only getting blank stares.
See the Sample Web Course and link to the order form which gives you price information starting about $17 a slide -- you send your PowerPoint and we return a Web Course in three formats.
Here’s what you’ll get back below, but fill out the form to get a complete estimate.
Typically, your course can include:
  • Professional narration,
  • Animated and voice syncing of the program
  • A link to your handouts, policies
  • Special links within the program to anywhere you want viewers to go on your Website or on the Internet
  • At the end of the course, learners are forwarded to anywhere you would like them to go next.
  • Test questions of any kind—T/F, multiple choice, matching, fill in the blank, and more;
  • Your logo on your content
  • No mention of our name, our logo, or the origin of the online training program
  • Your copyright on your content
  • 100% ownership of the final product
  • Web course files that easily load to your server (restricted so learners can’t jump ahead)
  • A second form of the same course with unrestricted movement (for your use),
  • CD of the course that runs on any laptop for live stand-up presentations
  • A Web Video(movie) of your course.
If you don't have a PowerPoint topic to turn into a web course right tome about doing the same for your easel notes, sheets of paper, video of any presentation, or scratches on a napkin!
Daniel Feerst, MSW, LISW-CP
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