Thursday, August 20, 2015

Create a Welcoming Workplace (Tip Sheet Download)

After reading, download the free reproducible workplace wellness tip sheet
at this link:

(Summary) To educate employees help them understand the following:

1) Understand how cultural differences impact work behavior. People from different cultures may respond differently to everyday work situations.

2) That it is okay to ask questions. Some cultural differences can be hard to understand. For instance, employees from certain Asian cultures find it difficult to openly disagree with a superior. Never hesitate to ask your colleague what is the best way to communicate with them without violating their cultural norms

3) Check your biases. Creating a welcoming workplace includes a good dose of self-awareness. Turn off your autopilot response to stereotypes and "impressions."

4) Communicate effectively. Ensure that your colleagues clearly understand the expectations you have of them. Some may not ask after providing them with information or instructions.

5) Focus on individual strengths, not ethnicity. Assess the strengths, weaknesses, and preferences of each individual on your team; use this knowledge when assigning tasks and divide work according special abilities and talents.

6) ) Become a mentor. Mentor your new colleague to help them feel comfortable with the change, and help them understand the politics and interrelationships.

7) ) Stand up to discrimination. All of us lose when discrimination reigns. Be a change agent and recognize it when it appears. Don’t stay silent--be a proactive change agent for a welcoming workplace.