Wednesday, September 16, 2015

2015 Impact of Marijuana on Colorado Report

I for one am impressed, mostly because they used facts and more facts to assemble this 11 part report (the third one) showing what's happening to the state of Colorado since the legalization of marijuana. The report does not paint a pretty picture. It's getting pretty nuts out there.

Did you know that the interdiction of pot being shipped in the U.S. mail from Colorado to other states is up like 5000%? Did you know that suspensions, pot smoking at lunch hour, kids smelling of Pot, expulsions, hospital admissions, driving while stoned, and crime associated with minors using pot is absolutely through the freaking roof? Check it out for yourself. I don't know if you are FOR or AGAINST legalization of marijuana, but this report is pretty compelling. THC content is also rising (well of course it is--when you combine market forces with legal pot, what else is there to compete for except higher THC?). THC content average between 17-18% in Colorado pot. It was 3.4% ten years ago.

Download the report here (hang in is about 185 pages..let it load, then click save as):