Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fake It Until You Make It: EAP Counseling Tip

It sounds sneaky and dishonest, but the catchphrase “Fake It Till You Make It” (FITYMI) is one of the most useful pieces of advice in the business world. The goal of faking it until you make it is not about acting as an impostor. It’s about imitating confidence and energizing yourself to be successful while you wait for real confidence and know-how to arrive. Fear of not measuring up to expectations can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. The truth is that their is no end to the process of FITYMI. It continues throughout our careers.The most famous study of FITYMI asked 50 students to act like they were extroverts, even though none of them had the desire to do so. The more these students faked it, the happier they became. And the more extroverted they actually became. Another variation on this same strategy is “bring your body and the mind will follow.” These tactics are well-known for helping alcoholics stay involved in programs like Alcoholics Anonymous until a level of self-motivation to stay involved is achieved. Fold in the FITYMI as you counsel clients facing the challenges of total freak out in a position they fear will do them in.

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