Saturday, January 26, 2008

FMLA Leave for Alcoholism - When Treatment Starts

The doctor of an alcoholic employee argued that his patient was due FMLA leave from the time he took off work to phone his doctor and arrange an assessment to enter treatment. Treatment admission took a couple of days. Was he drunk or in withdrawal? It may not matter, FMLA leave was denied for any days prior to the admission date. The feds meant to say that treatment for alcoholism begins upon entry in to treatment or the day treatment begins. What was the patient's condition during those two days? How functional would he have been at work? Good questions. Will this discourage people from getting help if they wake up in the morning and can't be admitted at the time they are motivated with a hangover? The symptoms of alcoholism, and the dynamics that force a person with the disease to enter treatment are unique for this drug addiction or any other. The courts still aren't seeing alcoholism for the complex illness it is, it seems.

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