Thursday, April 17, 2008

You Don't Need to Be a Doctor

Hey, you don't need to be a doctor to help employees learn how to take care of their heart, and you don't have to be a lawyer to talk about reducing the risk of lawsuits to an organization. "I am not a doctor, but you shouldn't eat a lot of chicken skin." Is this how you tell your brother in law to lay off the excesses? No, so let's not get all panicky about talking about employment practices liability and reducing the risk of lawsuits in companies. You don't have to wheel out an employment law attorney to educate supervisors and management. You can do the research and claim the high ground on this risk and loss prevention strategy for the companies you serve. There about 40 different risk areas that can get companies sued. A quick look at will lead you to lots of sources. One of my favorite authors in this area is not an attorney at all, he is a human resources manager. Sometimes these folks know more than attorneys when it comes to employment law because they are living it on a day to day basis. My favorite author is Joseph D. Leveque, and he wrote the book The Human Resource Problem Solvers Handbook. The book is 300 pages thick, but you can get it for $1 at the link on this page.