Wednesday, February 2, 2011

OSHA Safety and Health Checklist (and No EAP)

You would have to be from another planet to not know that EAPs are cost-beneficial and that when fully implemented have a positive impact on helping reduce accident rates and injury related costs. The research has already been done 30 years ago. And EAPs reduce other behavioral losses in the workplace as well. Somehow however the recommendation to have an EAP is still not listed on OSHA's Safety and Health Management Systems Checklist. This list is no small thing. This is the front line handout OSHA distributes nationwide. It covers many recommended steps that companies should take to reduce accidents and injuries. I think "Establish a Employee Assistance Program" should be on this list. I know probably agree. Think about the lives saved, reduced accidents, and reduced injuries associated with helping troubled employees, particularly alcoholic employees, not to mention reduced property damage and lost time results having an EAP in place. How much pull to you have with OSHA? Do you know anyone there? Are you reading this post from  your desk at OSHA because you work there? (Hi!) The above PDF was last printed in March 2008! The clock is ticking. QUICK! Before this gets re-written without an EAP mention, let's get OSHA to include EAPs as an important part of a Workplace Safety and Health Management System. Right now, I see this as an overlooked and critical component that needs to be on this list. Do you agree? Phone right now while you are thinking about it. This is the office of communications phone number:  202-693-1999. If enough people phone, they will consider adding EAPs. It's the little things folks that promote this profession. Look for more of these gems--things EA professionals can do to promote their craft. Email me and I will post suggestions on this blog. Health and wellness in the workplace is dramatically enhanced when EAPs are in place.