Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Confusion about Alcoholism: When Will It End

Tell me if this makes sense to you:  

The risk of an alcohol use disorder, which includes alcoholism and alcohol abuse is higher among those whose parents had an Alcohol Use Disorder. The increased risk is independent of other major predictors, such as gender, parents' social status and the psychiatric hospitalization of parents. The key message for the general public is that there is an increased risk associated with parental alcoholism, but obviously many other factors determine whether an individual develops an AUD.

This is language from a press release I received today. The only difference is that you are only reading the beginning and the end of it to illustrate my point in this post.

Of course this does not make sense, but it is typical double speak I frequently see in research articles about alcoholism where genetics overwhelmingly is evident as the contributing factor, if not the sole factor evident in  acquired alcoholism. These end of the story caveats that contradict research and alcoholism science are not uncommon. It leaves a wonderful opening to the continued psychological treatment of alcoholics and allows the mental health community analyzing why alcoholics drink to breathe a collective sigh of relief. Now, here is link to the rest of the full press release so you can see it in full.


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