Thursday, November 15, 2012

Group #9 EAP Fact Sheets Released

EAP Tip Sheets for EAPs
Group #9 is now available.

Reproducible and Editable Tip Sheets, Group #9 is now available. You can print the brochure from this link.
The titles include:

  1. What to Do about Compassion Fatigue
  2. Protecting Your Kids from Stealth Marketing
  3. Stopping Intimate Partner Violence
  4. Using Email Appropriately at Work
  5. Distracted Driving and You
  6. The Sleepy Employee
  7. When You Are Facing Personal Change
  8. Creating a Welcoming Workplace for Disabled Workers
  9. Understanding Workplace Survivor Syndrome
  10. Holiday Eating Tips
  11. Using Emotional Intelligence to Boost Customer Satisfaction
  12. Do You Know about Your Teenager's Friends?
  13. Saying "No" to Your Child
  14. Teaching Kids to Save Money
  15. Commonsense Communication at Work
You can print the brochure from this link.

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