Saturday, April 22, 2017

Train and Educate Employees about Depression Using Multiple Touch Points: Video, DVD, Web Course and Handouts

Training and educating of employees that helps them consider their mental health needs may seem like something that has nothing to do with the employer's primary business purpose. Many managers and leadership staff are still vehemently against wandering into these areas of employee wellness, even though employee assistance programs have been around over 40 years. But they adopt this attitude at their own peril.

At a television set manufacturing facility, would a furnace with a leaking gas line, or a truck with worn out brake pads on in the parking, both which can lead to
Understanding and Treating Depression PowerPoint, Training, DVD, Video
a catastrophe, be the employer's business if the mission of the organization is primarily selling televisions? Of course it is their business. The furnace and the truck are resources possessed by the organization, and maintaining them requires attention to problems they experience so even bigger problems aren't experienced that literally in this case blow up the bottom line.Employees are an organization's most valuable resource, so let's talk about mental health and the problems employees can experience, and educate them to self-diagnose and motivate them further to seek help via the EAP. Depression . . .[read more ]