Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Premarital Counseling and Marriage Counseling Outreach for Employee Assistance Programs

With half of all marriages ending in divorce (remember when it was a third?), premarital
employee assistance program counseling topics on marriage
counseling is not such a bad idea. It takes a brave couple to explore key issues that can affect the long-term outcome of their relationship. Learning to address these issues head-on could make the difference between whether a couple celebrates their 50th wedding anniversary or ends up in divorce court.

The most effective premarital counseling includes an honest evaluation of compatibility around six issues that can throw a marriage overboard. They include: 1) communication; 2) religious orientation and beliefs; 3) in-law relationships; 4) affection and sexuality needs; 5) money management; and 6) children and child-rearing philosophies. Exploring these issues can help couples pinpoint trouble spots in their relationship.

If you are an employee assistance professional, be sure to perform a brief assessment on these six areas of trouble that many couples wrestle over. To reach out, you may want to have employee explore the video program you can upload to your internal EAP server that discusses marital counseling in general. It is a highly motivational piece, and your employees will not forget the lessons it teaches. Read more . . .