Tuesday, July 18, 2017

EAP Posters for Employee Assistance Programs: An EAP Utilization Power Tool

EAP poster example thumbnail.
A few EAPs asked about EAP posters, so I am using this blog post to explain the product.

We give you 18 EAP Posters to start, and instructions to edit the templates we provide with them in MS Word or MS Publisher. The gist: You can create your own EAP Posters forever!

The idea is to never buy another EAP poster and use your own great ideas to match the workforce issues and needs you are facing right now.

Here is the guarantee: You will witness management in awe over your targeting of key issues from morale to daycare from opioid addiction to stress management. And management will see how your EAP is better than managed care company which could never match the value you offer. This will reduce risk of your program from being given the boot in favor of an #800.

Now you can look as relevant as you actually are with the visibility you need, which produces awareness, and more importantly the ability for your program to be remembered!
Prompt more referrals with EAP posters and achieve better internal buzz about your employee assistance program (EAP). eap poster example 2Click here to jump to the product and download a free FREE EAP POSTER. If you want two, just email me.

Imagine creating your own workplace EAP posters or safety posters. Yes, you can use them for safety messages too. Why not?

Make EAP Posters serious, unique, or hilarious. You have ideas, so use them with the help of this kit. (Note, your best ideas will show up when you are taking a hot shower.)

An EAP Poster become invisible after 6-8 views by passers-by. After that, it's done. Gone. This means you must refresh your posters. Don't buy posters...you will lose a fortune. Instead, make your own like these:

The employee assistance program poster kit provides 18 editable posters, and we also send all the free posters we've sent to EAPs over the past five years.
Your work culture is unique. It has its own risk issues and concerns. Work climates differ and they change throughout the year. One way to prompt employee action is to use EAP posters to educate, inform, and increase utilization. Along with EAP newsletters, training programs, and other engaging tools, you can keep your EAP relevant as a key player in 
your organization's risk management strategy. 
eap poster example 3

EAP posters can deliver a laser sharp message on a specific topic or concern. This is what makes this product so powerful. Tackle topics like holiday stress, down-sizing, organizational change, summer accident prevention, going back to school, diversity awareness, alcohol awareness month--are you getting the point about how powerful this product actually is?

Your ideas are the limit. Make new posters appear refreshed all over the organization. We do not know of a more powerful EAP strategy to create top of mind visibility than our poster kit, except for FrontLine Employee newsletter.

You know how hard it is to find new EAP posters. They are often too general. And you can't reproduce anything out there for sale. You must buy the posters one at a time. This is not a good thing. The truth is--your ideas are better than the publisher of such a product, including us!

So, the best way to go is to make your own.

Come up with awesome ideas among your staff and put them into action. Have a contest that creates buzz for your program. In fact, have employees in the organization join in.

The EAP poster kit solves the problem of refreshing your EAP's visibility. It will increase your EAP referrals guaranteed. It will also help you reduce risk and remind everyone of your program's relevance to the organization. Other ideas: conflict resolution, family issues, fixing absenteeism issues, couples conflicts, worry and concerns over job security, improving relationships with the boss....any of these problems could lead to referrals of your riskiest employees.

–Did you know you that you can get free photos with no copyright restrictions from www.pixabay.com or even google if you select "no copyright restrictions" on their images. Call me to learn about this. It is difficult in text, but here is screen shot.

That's how much we paid for this cute dog you see shown in the free download here.

With professional photos and captions you will re-invent posters all the time. It's addicting we have to say, and it's fun to see people's reactions. (Here's a secret. Use animals as metaphors or household objects like tea kettles. You find awesome ideas in picture libraries online.)

You know your workplace best, and you are in the best position to know what employees will look at, read, and pay attention to. You can't buy posters for your specific workplace--you must create them. This is the only poster kit America for EAPs that let's you do exactly that.

After creating an EAP poster, email the PDF to locations of your host company. Get the names of few contacts, and ask these individuals to help you put the poster up in strategic locations you've identified. To make it stiffer, simply put a card stock behind it and you are done!
all the eap posters in a group that come with the product
If you are a consultant, safety services firm, or other provider of safety products, you now have the ability to create workplace safety posters for customers, make a PDF, print it, email it, and then get it up fast.

Here's an example to keep employees from jumping off a loading dock that one company created. Can you see how a really specific safety posters can make a point and reduce risk, save thousands of dollars, and lost work time?

What more can we say about this product?

We give you 18 EAP posters right away. Each one is editable. Simply edit the content on go. Phone me to make this purchase at 1-800-626-4327 to request this kit now. I will give the link to download it and invoice you later -- no problem.


Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Fake IDs and Parenting: What's to Know?

Teens obtaining fake identification is nothing new. Although most states have made it more difficult to duplicate a driver’s license since 9/11, young adults can still purchase IDs that make them old enough to buy alcohol or get into a nightclub. What is new is that researchers have found that young adults with fake IDs are more likely to get into trouble with drugs and alcohol than their counterparts.

What researchers found was shocking. Teens and young adults with fake IDs were drastically more likely to binge drink, smoke marijuana and use more dangerous hallucinogens and narcotics. A fake ID also correlated with getting arrested. An older study cites that 56 percent of fake ID holders used alcohol the previous week, compared to 14 percent of under-age students who didn’t have fake IDs. Read more at Linkedin...